Valmynd Leit

Aalborg workshop 2014

“Integrated Territorial Management and Governance”

This was the third postgraduate workshop organized by the ENECON project, held in Aalborg, Denmark March 28 2014.

The focus was on aspects of Integrated Territorial Management and Governance, which have been investigated in several ESPON projects (e.g., TERCO, METROBORDER, LUPA, TOWN, TANGO).

Short overview of workshop

Report from workshop


Daniel Galland, prof. (ENECON, Aalborg University): Opening and Introduction.

Carsten J. Hansen, prof. (ENECON, Aalborg University): Transforming ESPON results to national, regional and local policy guidelines – the Danish case

Matti Fritsch (ENECON, University of Eastern Finland) The effects of the border on land-use patterns and their governance in the Finnish‐Russian borderlands

Martin Gauk (ENECON, University of Tartu) New strategic and spatial visions for the Tartu region under emerging regionalization.

Inga Jekabsone, PhD student(University of Latvia, Faculty of Economics and Management): Integrated Governance Model for Municipalities in EU based on Subjective Well-being Assessment and Co-responsibility Approach.

Vytautas Palevičius & Modesta Gusaroviené (Vilnius Gedimnas Technical University, Faculty of Environmental engineering): Transport systems integration into urban development planning processes.

Juha Halme (University of Eastern Finland): Stakeholder participation in regional level place branding in Finland.

Pablo Elinbaum (Urban Laboratory, International University of Catalonia): Plans Outside the System, Ad-hoc instruments for designing and managing urban areas.

Inese Haite (Daugavpils University, Latvia): Polycentric Development in Latvia and its Evaluation.

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