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Conference in Akureyri, 22 - 23 August 2013


Sharing Experiences, Exploring New Methods and Assessing Socio-Economic Impacts

Conference in cooperation with Northern Research Forum, Akureyri, Iceland, 22 – 23 August 2013


The global climate change is by scientists predicted to have great environmental and socio-economic impacts in the whole Arctic as well as in northern Europe. There will be direct and indirect impacts on nature and on communities as well as uncertainties. In addition, global warming is predicted to accelerate off-shore oil and gas drilling in the Northern icy seas and open a new (global) sailing route from the North Atlantic Ocean through the Arctic Ocean to the eastern parts of the globe. All this is expected on one hand, to have great impacts on the economic and social opportunities of the northerly regions in the Arctic including Northern European countries, and on the other hand, to create bigger risks to the fragile Arctic ecosystem. The impact of all this is going to be widespread in North Europe and the entire North. This has already and will in near future mean an increasing need for research in both natural and social sciences as well as for interdisciplinary approach.

The aim of the conference was to turn our attention towards this aspect of territorial challenges for European regions. The focus was on existing evidence, need for future research in the northernmost regions of Europe and the Arctic, and the challenges of translating scientific knowledge into action. The conference was divided into the following sub-themes:

  • Territorial socio-economic impacts of climate change
  • Methodologies for assessing socio-economic impact
  • Adaptation to climate change in regions and local communities – examining methods and sharing knowledge

The conference brought together a total of 110 researchers, politicians, bureaucrats and other stakeholders from 14 countries. A total of 50 presentations were given.

A report by prof. Gretar Thor Eythorsson from the conference

University of Akureyri (conference venue)

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