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Conference presentations Akureyri

Thursday 22 August

Keynote session I:

Executive Director Patricia A. L. Cochran, Alaska Native Science Commission: "Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change:  Framing the Dialogue"

NRF Young researcher Nikolas Sellheim: “Living with ‘Barbarians‘ - Within the Commercial Sealing Industry”

Parallel sessions I, II and III:

Stefan Sigurðsson: “The Natural Resource: Reindeer”

Sigriður Kristjansdottir: „Global climate changes and the tensions of Sustainable Development“

NRF Young Researcher Susan Carruth: „Climate & Change: Greenland’s energy landscape“

Jón Þorvaldur Heiðarsson: „Sailing with containers through the artic - how can it be done and what will it mean?“

Gestur Hovgaard & Gretar Eyþórsson: „The West Nordic region: Possibilities and role in future development in the North-Atlantic“

Dmitry Zimin: „Climate Change and the Northern Sea Route: A New Russian Strategy in the Arctic?“

Lisa Van Well & Johanna Roto: „The Arctic: Europe’s Strategic Neighbourhood“

Heikki Eskelinen & Matti Fritsch: „Looking North – the Arctic Dimension in Finnish Regional Policy“

Elin Ebba Ásmundsdóttir: „Enabling social capital in the Arctic“

NRF Young Researcher Noor Johnson: „Grantwriting and other translational skills in adaptation practice“

Andréa Finger: „Agency as redefined by climate change: the case of the Arctic“

Robin Bronen: „Climate-Induced Community Relocations:  Resilience and Adaptation of Alaska Native communities“

Keynote session II:

Senior Researcher Jon Naustdalslid, former Director General at Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR): "The certainty of uncertainty: The challenge of planning for a changing climate"

Parallel sessions IV and V:

Tanja Suni et al.: “Land-atmosphere-society processes in the boreal and Arctic regions – collaboration opportunities within iLEAPS and PEEX“

Antti Roose et al.: „Mitigation policies and planning responses to emergent suburban development in Estonia“

NRF Young Researcher Julia Martin: „Hyperextended objects in environmental planning“

Natalia Loukacheva: „Climate Change Governance in the Arctic and Legal Issues“

Anton Vasiliev: „Arctic Council and Climate Change Policies“

NRF Young Researcher Bianca Tiantian Zhang: „Legal Challenges of Precautionary and Ecosystem Approach in Arctic Fishery Governance“

Lára Jóhannsdóttir: „Role of insurers when adapting to changing climate“


Friday 23rd August


Keynote session I:

Dr. Erik Gløersen, senior consultant at Spatial Foresight, lecturer and researcher at the University of Geneva: “Factoring in Territorial Diversity in development and adaptation strategies: Policy challenges and methodological proposals” 

Parallel sessions VI, VII and VIII:

Janis Lapinskis: „Climate change impacts on coastal areas in Latvia“

NRF Young Researcher Ilona Mettiäinen: „Planned or emerging futures? Addressing climate change on regional level by strategic planning“

Jaak Jaagus: „Recent climate changes in the Baltic Sea region and their impacts in the coastal regions of Estonia“

Arvo Järvet: „Adaptation methods of climate change and recommendations for water management in Estonia“

NRF Young Researcher Michał Łuszczuk: „Maritime regionalism as a framework for analysing the territorial challenges of the Arctic transformation“

Kári F. Lárusson: „Rapid Assessment for Rapid Change "information for adaptation in the North“

Vífill Karlsson & G. Eyþórsson: „Adaption to changes in two rural municipalities in Iceland“

Edward H. Huijbens: „Incorporating climate change in polar tourism product development“

Sigfriður Inga Karlsdóttir: „Giving birth in rural areas“

Hildigunnur Svavarsdóttir et al.: „Factors affecting recruitment and retention of health care professionals in rural areas“

Sonja Stelly Gustafssdóttir: „Public perspective on health care service in rural areas“

Sigrún Sigurðardóttir etal.: „Psychological Trauma, Stress and Violence: Consequences for Health and Well-being“

Keynote session II:

Professor Matthias Finger, Ecole Polytechnique Federale (EPFL): “The resources exploitation / climate change nexus: why the Arctic matters for the world"

NRF Young researcher Hanna Lempinen: “Social sustainability in/and the Barents energyscape: Conceptual and methodological platforms for tracing the elusive social”

Parallel sessions IX, X and XI:

Bergur Einarsson et al.: „The impact of climate change on glaciers and glacial runoff in Iceland“

NRF Young Researcher Sigmar Arnarsson: „Northern Shift of Species: Effects of Mackerel Processing in Iceland; Social-, Economical- and adaptability analysis of the Municipality of Vopnafjörður at the East Coast of Iceland“

Steingrímur Jónsson: „Climate variability, climate change and the future of fisheries in the Arctic and sub-Arctic marine ecosystems“

Páll A. Daviðsson: „THE ICE CIRCLE: funding research and providing an international channel of communication for Arctic voices“

Garri Raagmaa: „Regional Higher Educational Institutions as Green Economy Knowledge Hubs in the Northern Territories“

NRF Young Researcher Marguerite Marlin: „Leveraging Globalization: How Global Venues Offer a Comparative Advantage for IPO Influence on Arctic Policy"

Eva Halapi „Climate Change – Perceptions and knowledge among young adults in Iceland“

Anna Lilja Sigurvinsdóttir „Awareness, perception and attitudes on global climate change among Icelanders“

Kristín Þórarinsdóttir „Can action research act as a vehicle in climate change adaptation?“

Olaf Foss „Methodological challenges in multi-disciplinary climate change research - experiences from ESPON CLIMATE“

Janis Kaulins „Municipal Indicator System Development for risk adaptation and communication assessment in coastal risk governance“

Erik Gløersen: „Using Foresight to trigger entrepreneurship and growth in West Nordic rural communities“

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