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ESPON ENECON e-learning course on European territorial policies 2012-2014

The ESPON ENECON e-learning course on European territorial policies provides three thematic lectures in a North European context based on ENECON workshops held in Tartu, Aalborg and Joensuu during the ENECON project time frame 2012-2014.

  1. Tartu thematic lecture
  2. Aalborg thematic lecture
  3. Joensuu thematic lecture

Thematic lectures introduce contemporary approaches and case studies in European territorial planning and governance based on ESPON applied research and targeted analysis. The workshops’ lectures and panels fostered in-depth debates associated with ESPON concepts, methods, findings, and governance practices on European territorial planning and cohesion. In doing so, the workshop series focused on integrating and disseminating ESPON knowledge and findings on selected themes such as peripheral regions (rural areas – GEOSPECS, EU-LUPA, SeGI, EDORA, TEDI), secondary cities (city regions – SGPTD, FOCI, KIT) and multi-level cross-border territorial governance (TERCO, METROBORDER, TANGO, ITAN, ULYSSES etc.). Such local and regional cases thus constituted the groundwork that consolidated ESPON findings while cross-fertilising the debate on territorial cohesion.

Workshop reports, supplementary course materials, presentation slideshows and case studies can be downloaded from the ESPON ENECON homepage in the following links:

  1. EU External Border – Territorial Specificities, Trends and Disparities
  2. Integrated Territorial Management and Governance
  3. Territorial Governance and Co-operation – Exploring Neighbouring Regions


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