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Stockholm workshop 2012

The Nordic-Baltic ESPON/ENECON Workshop “Sustainability and Sustainable Regions – Multi-faceted Concepts” was held at Nordregio, Holmamiralens väg 10, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, 15-16 November 2012.

The aim of the workshop was to interpret, analyze and critically discuss the dimensions of the concepts “sustainability” and “sustainable regions” and the implications for further regional and territorial research. Relevant themes were introduced from complementary points of view by well-known researchers; specialists in topics as sustainable urban and rural regions, regional growth vs. regional development, regional spatial changes and regional planning shifts, sustainability and regional innovation systems, and sustainability and peripherility. Each introduction was followed by interesting, critical and creative discussions among participants.

Report from conference is available here.


Economic crisis, regional development and resilience
Hans Westlund (KTH)

Defining and measuring sustainable regional development - results and lessons from Germany
Antonia Milbert (BBSR, Germany)

Sustainability, globalisation and regional innovation systems
Folke Snickars (KTH)

Sustainability and goal conflicts – short and long term aspects
Hild-Marte Bjřrnsen (NIBR)

Shrinking regions – contrary to sustainable regions? Experiences from Northern Europe
Lisa Hörnström (Nordregio)

Green economy: a development option and challenge for sparsely populated areas?
Rasmus Ole Rasmusen (Nordregio)

Sustainable spatial development of Nordic urban regions: is an eco-modernization approach sufficient?
Petter Nćss (Aalborg University)

Sustainability and sustainable regions – Multifaceted concepts
Kjell Harvold (NIBR)

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