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Aalborg University – Danish Centre for Spatial Planning

The Danish Centre for Spatial Planning (DCSP) at Aalborg University is a platform for knowledge interaction and networking activities concerned with spatial development and planning. The centre is committed to cooperation on all scales with practitioners, authorities, consultants, and other researchers. It seeks to look across the varied spectrum of planning activities in a search for the new settings and roles that spatial planning adopts in societal development.
DCSP intends to understand spatial change processes and challenges and how they are dealt with – in particular how they are coordinated, organised, facilitated, regulated and administrated. This entails a wide spectrum of more substantial themes, sectors and challenges, such as:

•       Evidence-based policies (EU, ESPON, national and regional)
•       Sustainable land use in regions, cities, communities, and in rural areas
•       Climate change planning – mitigation and adaptation strategies from EU to local levels
•       Smart Cities & Regions. Integrated policies and solutions.
•       Innovative, creative and knowledge-based regions and cities
•       Inclusive regions, cities and communities
•       Urban regions – between polycentric and monocentric development
•       Qualitative development in peripheral regions and communities
•       Coordination of actions: challenges and synergies in regional and urban governance and planning
The Danish ESPON-ECP person and ENECON project steering committeemember is:
Daniel Galland,
Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning
Department of Development & Planning / DCSP
Aalborg University | DENMARK
Tel. +45 9940 8282   

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