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State Regional Development Agency


The State Regional Development Agency (hereinafter referred to as SRDA) is known in the regions of Latvia as a national regulatory authority promoting regional development. The SRDA is developing and extending its functions and tasks year by year. Initially starting its activities by administrating programmes for entrepreneurs in specially supported territories it currently embraces the implementation of various national and Structural Fund financed local municipality support programmes and has become an important player in promoting regional development.

In the planning period of the EU funds for 2007-2013 SRDA ensures the implementation of the activities co-financed by the ERDF and ESF and also works with Swiss and Norwegian financial instruments. The objective is to address the problems identified in the National Development Plan, by adjusting and improving the infrastructure of local municipalities in order to attract investments and promote the accessibility to services for the population in the territories of local municipalities.

An important SRDA action line is the assessment and analysis of regional development including the preparation and publishing of the analytical material "Development of Regions in Latvia". Also the analysis of the statistical information forms the basis both for choosing the research themes and for doing the research. 

Since June 1, 2009 the SRDA is responsible for implementation of the e-procurements and the e-services. The SRDA maintains and develops the state portal, where categorised links to Latvian internet resources offer a possibility for a centralized access to various electronic services offered by different state and municipal institutions. The SRDA also manages the Electronic Procurement System available at This is the first e-procurement system in the Baltic States, which organizes the procurements in a unified manner.

One of the areas of the SRDA activities is participation in international cooperation projects in order to ensure exchange of information and experience at an international level. The SRDA cooperates with state authorities, local municipalities, planning regions and other partners involved in the processes of regional development in order to promote and coordinate regional development and contribute to achieving the common goals.


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State Regional Development Agency

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