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Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) is a state higher academic school which has the rights of legal entity and acts as a public institution. The University was established by the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania. It is one of the largest schools of higher education in Lithuania, which strives for leading position among Baltic countries in technical and engineering education as well as the field of scientific research

Research Institute of Territorial Planning (RITP) of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University was established in 1991 and currently employs VGTU scientists, postgraduate and graduate students. Prof. Dr. M. Burinskienė has been elected Director of RITP. To perform work the Institute forms creative teams, which also include specialists from other research institutions.

Research Institute of Territorial Planning has two divisions:

  • Territorial planning databank unit;
  • Territorial planning project unit;

RITP workers take part in conferences held in EU countries, give presentations and act as experts.

Research courses:

  • Research in architectural and urban objects, designing methods and construction and territorial planning systems, taking into consideration social and economic changes;
  • Application of GIS technologies in territorial planning;
  • Practical tasks of territorial planning.

Engineering services and consultations provided:

  • Preparation of general, special and detailed plans for territories;
  • Consulting services on territorial planning;
  • Development of databases and digital town plans;
  • Environment impact assessment;
  • Design of territorial landscape plans;
  • Feasibility studies and special territory planning for developing territories.

Research Institute of Territorial Planning of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University is highly experienced in preparation of territorial planning documents. The objectives of these documents are as follows:

  • to maintain the balance of the social, economic and ecological development;
  • to develop a healthy and harmonious environment for living, work and recreation seeking to develop proper living conditions;
  • to shape developing of engineering infrastructure;
  • to protect, rationally utilise and restore natural resources, natural and cultural values, including the recreation resources.
  • to form a natural framework, create preconditions for maintaining or restoring ecological balance of the  landscape;
  • to form land parcels, reserve (set) the territories for the development of engineering infrastructure, for the development of different types of farmland;
  • to agree the interests of natural or legal persons or their groups, also the interests of the public, municipalities and the State regarding the conditions for the use of the territory and land parcels and with regard to the type of activity in the territory;  
  • to promote investment in social and economic development.

TP documents were fully prepared and coordinated, including all indispensable facilities in order to get these documents ready and legally valid territorial plans in accordance to Lithuanian law and regulations.

The Lithuanian ESPON – ECP person and ENECON project partner is

Marija Burinskienė
Director of Research Institute of Territorial Planning of VGTU

Project manager assistant is
Airida Bernotait

University of Akureyri Research Centre

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