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Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR)


Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR) is an independent social science research centre whose mission is to develop and publish research-based insights for the benefit of decision-makers in public and private institutions as well as for the general public.


NIBR’s core competence is in urban and regional research. This is a wide inter- and multidisciplinary field of social science research, encompassing i.a.:

  •  analyses of social conditions and societal changes in urban and rural areas, and across regions, sectors and levels;
  •  analyses of regional development and innovation, housing and city planning and management, and the development of democracy and welfare within and across local communities;
  •  territorial analyses of society, coupled with studies of sustainable development

Organisation and resources

NIBR has sixty-five researchers who span the social sciences and planning disciplines: sociology, political science, economy, demography, anthropology, geography, architecture, engineering and land-use planning.


The research activities are organised in four departments:

  • Department for International Studies
  • Department for Socioeconomic and Territorial Studies
  • Department for Housing and Environmental Planning Research
  • Department for Welfare, Democracy and Governance Research

NIBR is partner in the Oslo Centre for Interdisciplinary Environmental and Social Research (CIENS), a strategic research collaboration between independent research institutes and the University of Oslo.


International activity

NIBR’s international activity comprises a series of international projects financed by different funding agencies and institutions: the Research Council of Norway, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Agency for International Development Co-operation (NORAD), the Nordic Council of Ministers, OECD, the World Bank, EU, the European Council and FAO. Outside the Nordic countries the institute is engaged in projects in Central and Eastern Europe, in East and Southern Africa and in South and Southeast Asia.


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