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Duo Jansen/Jssi (NO/Est)

When: Friday at 23:00
Where: Kaffi Akureyri

Duo Jansen/Jssiare Johanna-Adele Jssi and Jo Einar Jansen. They play traditional tunes from Estonia and Norway, diving into the world of older dance music, exploring the line between the beautiful and the rough. Continuity and creativity are important key words to the duos approach to traditions. Dance groove and playfulness go hand in hand. With a rare intimacy in their music the duo invites the listener to be a part of their world. Duo released their first album "Mngleik" (game/play) in May 2014.

The duo has been playing together since 2011, so far having performed in Estonia, Belgium, Norway and Sweden. Originating in Estonia and Nord-Trndelag, this duo elevates music to extraordinary levels with their exquisite arrangements and pure harmonies.

"These two are folk musicians of an eminent calibre, unfeigned and clearly able to visualize just how international traditional music essentially is. Let Johanna and Jo Einars' music flow into your senses, and make some slow dance moves across your kitchen floor."Steinar Ofsdal




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20. - 23. gst 2014

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