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Folk Dance: Faroese Ballad Dancing

Sláiđ RingWhen: Thursday 14:30-16:30
Where: University of Akureyri, room TBD

The Dancers of Sláiđ Ring will lead their students through the history of the Faroese ballad dance tradition and explain the form, rhythm, poetry and steps. They will teach the song and the lyrics (the first few stanzas) to the ballad of Ólavur Riddararós and then dance it. They have many more ballads and will teach as many ballad dances as the time allows. Also, students are welcome to suggest a particular ballad.

Sláiđ Ring is the main organization for the local Faroese dance societies on the Faroe Islands. It was founded in 1978 with the purpose to work for ongoing good conditions for the Faroese dance. Thus for the past 36 years the organization has in multiple ways represented the dance as the living part of Faroese culture that it is; e.g. collaborating with schools, supporting the local societies, organizing dance festivals for adults and children alike, participating in various projects both on the Faroe Islands and abroad.




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20. - 23. ágúst 2014

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