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Folk songs of Finland and Iceland - Ilona (fi), Bára & Chris (is)

When: Thursday 10:00 - 12:00
Where: University of Akureyri 

Two different languages and two different song traditions. What are the differences? What do they share in common?  We will each explain some background information about the singing traditions in Finland and Iceland. Runosong from Finland, and from Iceland rímur, kvćđalög and the tvísöng 2 part harmony singing style.  We will teach songs by ear and we will definitely spend plenty of time with people singing together.

Participants do not need any previous experience of these song styles.  You just need to want to sing. It is a good idea to bring personal recording devices to record songs etc. 

Ilona KorhonenIlona Korhonen is dedicated to the bone to folk music but involved in all kinds of music, mostly vocal. She is familiar with many aspects of a musician’s work: composing, ensemble playing, producing, singing, teaching, researching and working as a consultant.

Korhonen teaches folk music theory, specifically transcription, at the Sibelius Academy Department of Folk Music and is working on her compositions for female choir and composing singer/songwriter material for her ensembles, funded by the National Council for Music’s one year artist grant. She also gives concerts in Finland as well as all over Europe, performing at the moment mostly as a runo-singing soloist.

FuniTogether as a duo Chris Foster and Bára Grímsdóttir are the duo FUNI - an old Icelandic word meaning flame or fire. They started working together in 2001, breathing new life into great songs that have been hidden for too long in old recordings, little known books and manuscripts. They also add new songs to the tradition.

Bára and Chris have toured widely in mainland Europe, as well as throughout Iceland and Britain.  They have also performed in China and made seven visits to the USA, performing and teaching at festivals, concerts, summer schools and appearing on radio and TV.

Bára is simply one of Iceland’s best traditional singers. She is also widely respected in Iceland as a composer, especially of vocal music. She started life surrounded by the folk songs of her parents and grandparents on the family farm Grímstunga in the north of Iceland. Bára has a special interest in the old rímur and kvćđalög styles of song, but she also sings in other traditional styles, both secular and religious.

Chris grew up in the south west of England. He was recently described as “one of the finest singers and most thoughtful inventive guitar accompanists of English folk songs, meriting legend status.” He has recorded six solo albums as well as working on many collaborative projects. On stage, his fine musicianship and powerful singing is underpinned by an urbane wit and engaging enthusiasm, which draws his audiences into the ancient world of storytelling through song.




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20. - 23. ágúst 2014

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