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Folk Dance with Anna & Mathilde (NO), Tuomas & Outi (FI)

When: Friday 22 August at 14:30 - 16:30
Where: University of Akureyri

Anna Gjendem

Anna & Mathilde will mainly teach two local dances from Western part of Norway: the "runner"/springar from Tafjord and the Pariser from Sunnmřre. This two dances both have the characteristic jumpy and playful style from the area.

In the workshop Tuomas and Outi are planning to teach dances from the Karelia region. (Finnish Karelia was a historical province of Finland, now divided between Finland and Russia, often called just Karjala in Finnish.) Typically these dances are rhythmical and grounded, with different kinds of stomps, accents and turns. Karelian dance includes both pair and solo sections.

Anna Gjendem is the manager of the folk music archive of “Mřre og Romsdal”, and additionally works as an executive folk dancer. With in depth knowledge of the folk dance tradition, she teaches dance and music to people of all ages. Anna completed her masters in “Traditional art” at Hřgskolen in Telemark in Spring 2014.

MathildeMathilde Řverland is the project manager for “Bygda Dansar” in Akershus, and has gained valuable experience with teaching. Together with Inga Myhr and Nina Fjeldet, she is in the process of developing “FODALI” – a folk dance education program for different types of dance. Since Mathilde`s graduation, she has been exploring her strong interest in improvisation as well as her own practice as a folk dancer with an strong emphasis on the tradition of the dance art.

Anna & Mathilde will mainly be teaching two local dances from Western part of Norway:  the "runner"/springar from Tafjord and the Pariser from Sunnmřre. Both of these dances have the characteristic jumpy and playful style typical for the area.

TuomasTuomas Mikkola: Tuomas started dancing at an early age in Tahdittomat Youth Association. Today he is the leader of the Folk Dance Ensemble of the association. The ensemble is recognized as one of the leading folk ensembles in Finland and is actively touring in Finland and abroad. In 2013, Tuomas finished his BA in Contemporary Dance at the University of Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy, and will continue his studies in the MA Programme in Choreography. Currently he is also finishing his Master of Science degree in University of Helsinki

OutiOuti Markkula: Outi started her dance and music studies at the Conservatory of Kuopio for children. She continued her studies in music and dance during high school years and on to Professional Dance Studies at Tampere Conservatory, Folk Dance department. After graduation from Tampere Conservatory in 2011 Outi moved on to study contemporary dance at Amsterdamse Hogelschool voor de Kunsten in the Netherlands and at the University of Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy. Outi is now a professional dancer.




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