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Kristian Blak

Kristian Blak (f. 1947). Composer/musician Kristian Blak is involved in a wide range of musical activities. Based in the Faroe Islands, he composes for international classical ensembles, performs locally and tours internationally as a musician and band leader with jazz, folk and world music groups.

His compositions include works for solo instruments, chamber groups and for larger ensembles, ballet and opera. In his compositions draws from his richly diverse background. Blak’s works often include other art forms – visual art, poetry and theatre. He combines inspiration from ethnic musical traditions as well as new composition techniques, creating an artistic unity.

Blak has worked with sounds in nature in several compositions. These include concerts in caves and other natural ”concert halls” in the Faroe Islands, a composition entirely with bird sounds, and several works where sounds are integrated in the actual performance. He has a central role in the musical life and organizations in the Faroe Islands. Kristian Blak is the artistic director of Summartónar (The Faroe Islands Festival of Classical and Contemporary Music), as well as being director of the Faroese musician’s and composer’s record label Tutl.

Roots and Branches in Faroese music

Since earliest times, music has played a major role in Faroese culture. Today the Faroese music scene is buzzing with artists of all genres. Ballad song in dance form and church singing were introduced to the Faroe Islands in the Middle Ages. ”Skjaldur” traditionally sung by grown-ups for children appear to have a different and maybe older origin. At Tutl Economusée we present the branches of music that are inspired by and grow from these ethnic music roots, all vocal, as well of early instrumental folk music. Tutl Records, the Faroese musicians label, has since the mid '70ties had a central role in releasing ethnic music from the Faroe Islands as well as creating a platform for all genres of music from the islands.




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