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Metrics of "rímur" poetry

Ragnar Ingi AđalsteinssonWhen: Saturday 10:00 - 12:00
Where: University of Akureyri 

In this workshop the basic rules of "rímur" poetry metrics will be discussed, especially alliteration, rhythm and rhyme, as well as the definitions of the various meters. Participants will practice analyzing the correct use of metrics and making correctly constructed stanzas according to the ancient tradition.

Ragnar Ingi Ađalsteinsson was born in the inland valley of Hrafnkelsdalur in 1944. He obtained his teaching degree from the Icelandic University of Education in 1982, and a Master’s degree in pedagogy from the same university in 2000. In 2004 he was awarded a Master’s degree in Icelandic from the University of Iceland and in 2010 he defended his doctoral thesis on metrics at the same university. Ragnar Ingi is an adjunct at the University of Iceland. Alongside his teaching he has written poetry, textbooks and lately, several professional journal articles about metrics. Ragnar Ingi has recently retired from his post as adjunct professor at the University of Iceland. He is the chairman of the rímur-chanting society Iđunn (kvćđamannafélag) and the vice chairman of Stemma - The Icelandic Traditional Folk Music Association




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20. - 23. ágúst 2014

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