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Rasmus Joensen

Rasmus Joensen have danced the faroese dance since he was a school child, so he have a lot of experience in the dance. He has also been chairman in Sláiđ Ring – the Faroese folkdance organisation - for 14 years. At the conference Rasmus and five other people are going to dance and present the dance.

In the program Rasmus will talk about the history of the Faroece dance, about the substance and some of the characteristic in the dance, such as the steps, dance rythm, storytelling and social relations. Participants will be invited out on the floor to dance and there, they will be teach and told more about all this.

Rasmus and his people will be singing (kvřđa) balandes, which are known in the North, both in Faroes language and in Nordic language. The balades (kvćđi) have a lot of verses, so they will take only a few of each and will rather give examples of melodies. Participants will also have opportunity to ask some questions.
The program will take place in the foyer at the conference venue.




Erfđir til framtíđar


20. - 23. ágúst 2014

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