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SpŠlimenninir Ý Nˇlsoy (FO)

SpŠlimenninir Ý NˇlsoyWhen: Thursday at 22:15
Where: Sjallinná

SpŠlimenninir Ý Nˇlsoy come from the small town of Nˇlsoy in the Faroe Islands (inh. 200). The group has been performing since 1986 and consisted originally of four musicians from Nˇlsoy and one from Vestmanna, all experienced musicians.

This particular team of musicians has been performing for two years. They play mostly Scottish and Nordic folk music, but also their original compositions firmly rooted in Nordic traditions.

SpŠlimenninir Ý Nˇlsoy are:
Kim Hansen, piano
Angelika Nielsen, violin
Finn Hansen, harmonika
Michael Thomsen, bass
Hilmar Joensen, harmonika




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