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Tradition for Tomorrow: Safeguarding Nordic Intangible Cultural Heritage

Tradition for Tomorrow, conference, festival and workshops, is organized by the Nordic Committee for Folk Music (NCF) and managed by the Icelandic committee member dr. Guđrún Ingimundardóttir, composer and folk singer. Tradition for Tomorrow is a presidency project of Iceland in the Nordic Council of Ministers for the year of 2014.

The central theme of Tradition for Tomorrow is the UNESCO convention for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage, which is an important tool for maintaining Nordic musical and dance traditions. The convention calls for participation of the performers of the tradition and a close cooperation between them and the officials charged with following through with it, in order for the intangible traditions to survive for the enrichment of future generations. The main purpose of Tradition for Tomorrow is to build a bridge between the tradition bearers and the officials, and create a platform where these different groups of people can communicate in a meaningful and lasting manner. That platform is Tradition for Tomorrow - 4 days of fabulous music, dance and discussion.

Through conference, workshops and performances, the project facilitates dialogue between practitioners, researchers and officials aiming to safeguard Nordic intangible cultural heritage in accordance with the UNESCO convention, investigates Nordic multiculturalism and seeks a common Nordic heritage of music and dance while presenting the unique traditions within each country. 

Conference Themes:

  1. The Unique and Interrelated Heritage of Nordic Music and Dance: Each Nordic country has many varieties of traditional music and dance within its borders. Some types will likely have much in common with traditions in the other Nordic countries, some less, and some are inevitably unique. In order to reveal a common thread, each country’s unique traditions need to be presented and explored.
  2. Tradition >< Evolution - the Nordic in the World - the World within the Nordic: No artistic manifestation is static - its inherent characteristic is to evolve due to internal as well as external influences. The 20th century has seen faster changes than the previous centuries, in part due to easy access to endless varieties of music and dance {the Nordic in the world} and in part due to immigrants whose traditions derive from a place far away to the east, south or west {the world within the Nordic}. This change in the landscape of traditional music and dance in the Nordic merits examination and dialogue.
  3. Safeguarding Heritage: Preserve >< Protect - Archived tradition >< Living tradition: The safeguarding of intangible heritage in the Nordic countries, ideas regarding cooperation and coordination and the search for "best practice" is a fundamental theme of the conference. The UNESCO convention for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage has been signed by Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden. This convention is an important tool for the safeguarding of musical and dance traditions. It provides guidelines for transmission and protection of living traditions and emphasizes the importance of cooperation between the practitioners, researchers and officials.

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Further Information and Contacts

The conference venue is the University of Akureyri. Please regularly visit for updates regarding preparations and prospects. We strongly urge you to subscribe to our Mailing List as a way of receiving email updates on developments of Tradition for Tomorrow, as well as news and announcements. For further information please contact:

Sigrun Vesteinsdottir, conference manager
University of Akureyri Research Center
Tel: +354 460 8904

Dr. Gudrun Ingimundardottir, managing director
Nordic Committee for Folk Music member for Iceland
Tel: +354 869 3998 

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20. - 23. ágúst 2014

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