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About the project Tradition for Tomorrow

Tradition for Tomorrow: Safeguarding Nordic Intangible Cultural Heritage

Tradition for Tomorrow is organized by the Nordic Committee for Folk Music (NCF) and managed by the Icelandic committee member dr. Guđrún Ingimundardóttir, composer and folk singer. Tradition for Tomorrow is a presidency project of Iceland in the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The members of Nordic Committee for Folk Music have come to realize through twenty years of cooperation and discussions that the general public, artists, cultural operators and decision makers in the Nordic countries know little about the incredible variety of folk music & dance traditions that exist in each others country and the kind of support structure, if any, that is in place to safeguard the living traditions. Some of the Nordic nations have consistently maintained their traditional music & dance as a living tradition for many years, and have an operational structure and support system in place. Then there are the Nordic countries that have yet to set up a support structure for their living traditions and could base it on tested models of their Nordic neighbors and the guidelines outlined in the UNESCO convention for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage. NCF created Tradition for Tomorrow to be a platform for the cooperation needed to strengthen traditional music & dance in all the Nordic nations. To ensure the continuation of activities set in motion through Tradition for Tomorrow, Nordic Committee for Folk Music plans to organize sequel seminars, workshops, performances and conference.

The support and cooperation of many organizations, institutions, associations and individuals makes Tradition for Tomorrow possible. 


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