Valmynd Leit

Geographical knowledge, nature and practice. Conference in Roskilde Denmark May 24-27

The NORBA network wants to draw your attention to the next conference which will be held at the Nordic Geographers Meeting 2011 at ENSPAC, Roskilde University, May 24 – 27 in Roskilde, Denmark.

The conference theme: Geographical knowledge, nature and practice. See the homepage for the conference here

Last call for papers:
Final deadline for submitting abstracts is February 18 (Maximum length of abstracts is 300 words)

Note: There is a special session for young scholars (doctoral students and post docs) at the conference, its theme is “Zooming in on European spatial perspectives in the Baltic Sea Region” . This session is organised by ESPON and there are 10 bursaries covering part of the costs (conference fee, travel and accommodation) available for young fellows and PhD students submitting papers for this session.

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