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Final conference in Jurmala, August 2012

The final conference of the NORBA project was held in Jurmala, Latvia, August 30-31 2012. The conference provided a transnational arena and forum for policy makers and researchers to discuss  and  reflect  on  current  territorial  development  trends,  opportunities  and  insights recognized  in  different  regions  and  various  contexts.  Main  sessions  and  topics  of  the conference were:

  • Territorial cohesion in the Baltic Sea Region
  • ESPON findings on key regional challenges – demography, urban regions, rural areas 
  • Territorial governance
Conference agenda

 List of participants

Presentations and discussions points:

John Bachtler: The Future of Cohesion Policy and the Territorial Dimension

Raivis Bremsmits: Trends and implications of territorial cohesion in Latvia

Olaf Foss: Beyond NORBA - Conclusions, Closing remarks

Daniel Galland: Territorial cooperation

Petri Kahila & Andrew Copus: Standpoints on Rural Development in the Baltic Sea Region

Sverker Lindblad: Territorial Cohesion from a Swedish perspective

Sarolta Németh: Territorial co-operation, territorial cohesion: Some findings from the TERCO project

Gatis Pavils: Discussant speaking points on urban regions

Piera Petruzzi: “Territorial cohesion in Europe and in the BSR”

Garri Raagmaa: The Baltic regional higher educational institutions for territorial cohesion

Phil Rees: Key Challenges for the Baltic Sea Region: Demography

Maciej Smętkowski: Nordic and Baltic Sea Region metropolises from the European perspective – project ESPON „Future Orientation of Cities” & beyond

Lisa Van Well, Peter Schmitt & Stefanie Lange Scherbenske: ESPON TANGO: Territorial Approaches for New Governance Case study: Climate Change Adaptation in the EUSBSR

Katarzyna Wojnar:  Territorial cohesion in BSR Evidence‐based multi‐level strategic planning in practice: Poland

Solvita Zvidriņa: Territorial Cohesion in Europe and Baltic Sea Region

 Jurmala conference report


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