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Nordic and Baltic Regions in a European Development and Policy Context

NORBA arranged a conference Nordic and Baltic Regions in a European Development and Policy Context in co-operation with the Nordic Section of ERSA, in Oslo, Norway 14 - 15 march 2012.

Report from the conference

List of participants

Agenda and presentations

Panel sessions

March 14


Norwegian Regional Policy; Challenges, Means, Transnational Perspectives. Nordic-Baltic Regional Policy Cooperation

Kristin Nakken, Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development

March 15


ESPON, Europe 2020 and Austerity. What Research do We need for Territorial Development in Europe Today?

Cliff Hague, Emeritus Professor, Heriot-Watt University, UK Contact Point for ESPON 2013

Impacts of the Financial Crisis on Regional Policy and Development

Jan Mønnesland, Economist



Parallel sessions

March 14


1. Planning and Development Issues. Nordic Baltic Regional Development


The use of ESPON data and analyses in the study of cross-border regions. Experiences from ULYSSES project


The differences in the levels of development of local governments in Estonia and related administrative challenges


The higher educational institutions and regional specialization


Territorial performance and urbanisation implications of Tartu as Southern Estonian regional pole

Roose and Gauk



2. Networks, Innovation and Infrastructure 


Creative destrucion. Reinventing rural and sparsley populated areas


Cluster based regional development strategies - theoretical concepts and regional implementation - the case of the Baltic Sea Region


A shining path - or just blowing away? Norwegian solar industry regions in times of crisis


Are MAR, Jocobs and Porter externalities less important for multi-plant than single-plant firms?




 3. Cohesion, Welfare and Demographics


Territorial cohesion and place based policy - are these concepts known and used in Finnish policy debates?

Eskelinen and Fritsch

Towards a welfare typology for the ESPON Space

Humer and Rauhut

Young Women on the Run? A Snapshot from Rural Sweden



Johansson and Rauhut

Services of General Interest and Territorial Cohesion: What, How and by Whom?

Rauhut and Ludlow



4. Potentials of Rural Regions, the ESPON PURR Project


Introductory presentations from the Lead Stakeholder and from the Lead Partner

Bjørn Frode Moen, Notodden Municipality

Steinar Johansen, NIBR


Parallel sessions
March 15

1. Planning and Development Issues. Nordic and Baltic Regional Development.


Estonia 2010 and 2030+: Conceptual Change in State Level Spatial Planning


European Integration and Domestic Regions


Territorial Cooperation in Europe: Specificities in a Nordic and external border context


Cross-Sectoral and Multi-Level Policy Coordination in Latvia

Vitola and Senfelde



2. Networks, Innovation and Infrastructure


Transport Networks and Accessibility: Complex Spation Interactions

Mc Arthur, Thorsen and Ubøe

Regional airports and regional growth: Which way does the causality run?

Mukkala and Tervo

The Suitability of Hedonic Models for Cost-Benefit Analysis: Evidence from Commuting Flows

Osland and McArthur

A SCGE Modelling Approach Assessing Regional Effects of Energy Policy




3. Cohesion, Welfare and Demographics


Labour Mobility and Response to Local and Global Economic Crisis. The cases of two rural communities at the times of an economic collapse in Iceland



Eythorsson and Karlsson

Interregional Migration, Transport Improvements, and Gender

Karlsson, V.

Accessibility and Services of General Interest: Preliminary Findings from some Case Studies

Komornicki and Swiatek



4. Potential of Rural Regions, the ESPON PURR Project

Presentation of the PURR Project: The regions, the methodology, the scenarios and the policy opions

Steinar Johansen



5. Planning and Development Issues. Nordic Baltic Regional Development


Regional Development and International Territorial Cooperation (ITC): The Case of Russian Carelia New Development Policy - Territorial Based Approach Proposal


New Development Policy - Territorial Based Approach Proposal

Janusleinis and Pukis

Public and Private in Space: Values, Legal Practice and Land-Use Planning in Latvia

Puzulis a.o.



6. Networks, Innovation and Infrastructure


Knowledge Spillovers - A Meta Analysis


Regional Dimensions of Finnish Growth Companies


Regional Development and Knowledge, Technology and Competitiveness




7. Cohesion, Welfare and Demographics


Employment, Transport Infrastructure and Rural Depopulation

McArthur, Thorsen and Ubøe

Dynamics of Population Densities in Northern Scandinavia. Are there Policy Lessons for Northern Sweden in Northern Norway?


Social Cohesion in Rural Areas: Service Provision, Commuting and Mobility

Zobena and Benga



8. Potentials of Rural Regions, The ESPON PURR Project


Towards the Final Report: Internal discussion withing the PURR team

Steinar Johansen

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