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Transnational Perspectives on Spatial Planning, Conference in Stockholm February 2011

Nordic-Baltic ESPON Conference for Planners and Policy-makers

Transnational perspectives on spatial planning - Experiences from the Nordic-Baltic countries

Venue: Nordregio (Stockholm), 3-4 February 2011


Transnational approaches have grown in importance in spatial planning and territorial development policy at different scales. This is clearly visible in increased cross-border and transnational cooperation within the planning and policy arena between individual countries and in macro-regions and in Europe. As an important facilitator, the ESPON 2013 Programme supports these activities “by (1) providing comparable information, evidence, analyses and scenarios on territorial dynamics and (2) revealing territorial capital and potentials for development of regions and larger territories contributing to European competitiveness, territorial cooperation and a sustainable and balanced development” (see


In order to unravel and evaluate the relevance and potential of ESPON results for the Nordic-Baltic countries, the NORBA project, in cooperation with Nordregio, will arrange a lunch to lunch conference in Stockholm, 3-4 February 2011. Targeted participants are policymakers and planners at national, regional and local levels, as well as researchers, primarily from Nordic-Baltic countries.


The conference comprises of two elements. Firstly, the findings of transnational ESPON projects that bear particular relevance for Nordic-Baltic countries will be discussed. The second part of conference will discuss the changing nature and role of planning in the Nordic-Baltic countries. In addition, information will be provided in co-operation with the ESPON Co-ordination Unit on how to access and utilise the information and evidence produced by the ESPON 2013 Programme.


Key themes:

  •  Nordic-Baltic countries in light of ESPON findings
  •  ESPON in evidence-based spatial and territorial policy in the Nordic-Baltic countries at macro-regional, national and regional levels
  •  Europeanization processes in spatial planning in the Nordic-Baltic countries: similarities and dissimilarities
  •  Messages of the ESPON scenarios concerning Nordic-Baltic countries – from the metropolitan centres to the Northern Sparsely Populated Areas (NSPA)
Final programme with presentations

List of participants

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