Valmynd Leit


 Report from the Nordic-Baltic ESPON Conference for Planners and Policy-makers.  “Transnational perspectives on spatial planning – Experiences from the Nordic-Baltic countries”. Nordregio, Stockholm, 3-4 February 2011.

Report from the  ESPON sessions "Zooming in on European spatial perspectives in the Baltic Sea Region" held at the Nordic Geographers Meeting 2011 “Geographical Knowledge, Nature and Practice”, Roskilde University, Denmark, 24-27 May 2011.

Report from the joint ERSA-NORDIC and ESPON-NORBA Scientific Seminar „Nordic and Baltic Regions in a European Development and Policy Context“. Research Park, Oslo Innovation Centre, Oslo, Norway, March 14-15 2012.

Report from the final conference of the NORBA project “Territorial cohesion in Europe and in the BSR”, Jurmala, Latvia, August 30-31 2012.


List of EU and ESPON projects highlighted at NORBA conferences.

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