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The aim of the Assembly is in part to bring early career researchers together for an open dialogue on issues of Northern and global relevance, to work with senior mentors, and to develop international and interdisciplinary collaborations.

All NRF Young Researchers (YR) are required to participate in the Open Assembly both days. Each YR will make a presentation and provide a written final version (word document) of the presentation to the NRF for publication in the conference proceedings. Each YR is required to electronically submit his/her draft paper by the October 1st. 2015 as well as publishing permissions for the NRF if selected as a YR (each selected YR will be provided the opportunity to finalize their papers after the Assembly if they prefer a different version be published in the conference proceedings). Each YR will write and orally present session summaries and actively participate in the assembly open dialogue.

Please complete this form in its entirety. Incomplete forms will not be considered.

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CV  To include (1-2 pages ? two page maximum, copy into the box) i.) List all degrees received & in-progress including date and institution ii.) For applicants who have not completed or are not enrolled in a terminal degree (e.g., PhD, JD, MD) program, for example those who have completed a masters degree, please provide a statement on your intentions for terminal degree studies iii.) Professional experience iv.) NRF Assemblies attended and if attended as a young researcher v.) The name, place, and approximate date(s) of other scientific or professional meeting(s) you have attended in the last 3 years, starting with the most recent. Write ?None? if you have not attended a conference vi.) List all oral presentations you have given in the last 3 years in English, the venue, your role vii.) Describe your proficiency level in English and your experience with public speaking viii.) List up to 3 relevant publications you have authored including conference presentations (if you have not published yet, write ?None?) Other information as relevant:

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