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Program - Novgorod 2002

Thursday, September 19, 2002
Novgorod Oblast Administration Main Auditorium

09:00 Opening Addresses

Mikhail Prussak, Governor of Novgorod, Russia
Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, President of Iceland (English and Russian)
Yury Neyolov, Governor of Yamal Nenets Okrug, Russia
Lassi Heininen, Chairman of the Northern Research Forum
Anatoly Gavrikov, President of Yaroslaw-the-Wise Novgorod State University, Russia

10:30 Plenary Session I: Human Capital in the North

  • population movements
  • education in the north
  • employment and human capital – quality and quantity
  • gender issues
  • traditional knowledge and applications of new technologies
  • people and environments at risk
  • transportation and communication

Chair: Peter Johnson, Chairman, Canadian Polar Commission, Canada
Sergei N. Kharyuchi, President of the Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North
Ingvild Broch, Head of Research, University of Tromsř, Norway
Esther M. Combs, Coordinator, Supplemental Housing Program, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, USA
Peter Johnson, Chairman, Canadian Polar Commission, Canada
Nancy Elliot, Graduate Student, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada

14:30 Plenary Session II: Innovation in Northern Governance

  • the future of regional governance, regionalism and regionalization
  • the voice of the arctic in global governance
  • sub-national governments in the north: comparative perspectives
  • boundaries and borderlands
  • concepts of security
  • Northern Dimension policy

Chair: Oran Young, Professor, Dartmouth College, USA

Yury Neyolov, Governor of Yamal Nenets Okrug, Russia
Tarja Cronberg, Director, Copenhagen Peace Research Institute, Denmark
Benedikt Jonsson, Icelandic Ambassador to Russia
Johnny Adams, Chairman, Kativik Regional Government, Canada
Alvydas Medalinskas, MP and Deputy Chairman of European Affairs Committee, Seimas (Parliament) of Lithuania
Jeroen Dubois, Graduate Student, Ghent University, Belgium
John Round, Lecturer, University of Leicester, England

17:15 1st Veche (Square Hour) – Presentations by Young Researchers

Statement by the UNESCO Youth Forum
Carina Keskitalo, University of Lapland, Finland: The relation between northern / arctic decision-making (and decision-makers) and constituencies
Fabrizio Tassinari, University of Copenhagen, Denmark: Putin’s Russia in the Baltic Sea Region
Nina Häyrynen, University of Tampere, Finland: Impacts of Russian and European general political developments on Finnish-European environmental co-operation with Russia
Christian Hicks, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA: Stallo’s Knife: A Historical Analysis of the Sami / United Nations Relationship

20:00 Governor’s Banquet Reception


Friday, September 20, 2002
Novgorod Oblast Administration Main Auditorium

09:00 Roundtable Discussion: Business Initiatives for a Joint Agenda in the North (part 1 and part 2)

  • experiences of Novgorod region in international business
  • interaction between business and politics
  • business ethics
  • barriers to entry; legislation barring new foreign investment
  • challenges for northern economies in the global economy

Chairs: Thorsteinn Gunnarsson, Rector, University of Akureyri, Iceland, and Carsten Bennike, General Director, ZAO Dirol

Artnold Shalmuev, Chairman, Economic Committee of Novgorod Oblast: Experience of the Novgorod region in international business, and administrative barriers
General Boris Kaplun, Director, Amcor Rentsch Novgorod, and Director General Rafik Suleimanov, NBI Transport Service: Interaction between business and politics
Lee Huskey, Professor, University of Alaska Anchorage: Limits to economic development in the Arctic: three hypotheses
Joan Nymand Larsen, PhD, University of Manitoba: External dependency in Greenland: Historical and current dynamics of a dependency-growth relationship
Olga Trofimenko, Researcher, and Professor Sergei Sutyrin, St. Petersburg State University: Finnish-Russian production alliances: expectations, problems and success factors

13:00-18:00 Day of Projects – Concurrent sessions held at Novgorod State University

--- Project Sessions located at St. Antonov Monastery Campus:

Arctic Human Development Report
Organizers: Níels Einarsson, Director, Stefansson Arctic Institute, Iceland and Oran Young, Professor, Institute of Arctic Studies, Dartmouth College, USA

Health and Well-being
Organizer: Alexander Osipov, Professor, Novgorod State University, Russia

Novgorod as Part of Northern Europe – History and Political Culture
Organizers: Vasily Andreiev, Professor, Novgorod State University, Russia and Lassi Heininen, Docent, University of Lapland, Finland

Northern Forum Roundtable
Organizer: Valery Mitko, Sciences and Projects Director, St. Petersburg’s Associate Secretariat of the Northern Forum, Russia

--- Project Sessions at the Novgorod State University Main Campus:

Higher Education in the North: Russia and the University of the Arctic
Organizers: Scott Forest, Information Manager, Arctic Centre, Finland and Lars Kullerud, Director, University of the Arctic, Norway

Coordination of Reindeer/Caribou Projects (in Russian)
Organizers: Gail Osherenko, Senior Researcher, Dartmouth College, USA and Margarita Magomedova, Senior Researcher, Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology UD RAS, Russia

Protected Areas and Human Activity in the North
Organizer: Leonid Bove, Director, “Wrangel Island” Reserve, Chukotka, Russia

Northern Traveling Film Festival
Organizers: Asen Balikci, Professor, University of Montreal, Bulgaria and Andrei Golovnev, Professor, Institute of History and Archaeology, Ural Branch of RAS, Russia.


Saturday, September 21, 2002
Novgorod Oblast Administration Main Auditorium

09:00 Plenary Session III: Applying the Lessons of History

  • Varangians/Vikings and Novgorodians
  • East-West: the importance of historical crossing points for current relations
  • North-South: past experiences and the search for new approaches
  • Core-Periphery: historical and current dynamic

Chair: Andrei Golovnev, Professor, Institute of History and Archeology, St. Ekaterinburg
Tuulikki Karjalainen, Executive Director, Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, Finland
Anatoly Kirpichnikov, Professor, St. Petersburg Institute of Material Culture, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Tomas Ingi Olrich, Minster of Science, Education and Culture, Iceland
Nils Blomkvist, Associate Professor, Gotland University College, Sweden

11:15 2nd Veche (Square Hour) – Presentations by Young Researchers

Albina Pashkevich, Umeĺ University, Sweden: Problems of linking core and periphery: the case of the Northern Dvina River Basin
Susan A. Crate, Miami University, Ohio, USA: Cows and Kin: The cultural ecology of Viliui Sakha in the Post-Soviet Era
Vadim V. Shtepa, INACHE, Petrozavodsk, Russia: Creation of the joint media-resources interesting to inhabitants as a step toward the Global North

12:30 Celebration inside the Novgorod Kremlin walls of the 1140th Anniversary of Russian Statehood

15:30-17:30 Summary Session
Chair: Lassi Heininen, Docent, University of Lapland, Finland, and Chairman of the NRF

17:30   Reception in the lobby of Novgorod Oblast Administration


Sunday, September 21, 2002

10:00 Excursions

  • Short walking tour around the Novgorod Kremlin. Finished by 12:00
  • Long excursion to Lake Ilmen and the Monastery. Finished by 17:00

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