Travel information

How to reach Akureyri
Although there are a few international flights to Akureyri Airport (, it mostly serves domestic flights in Iceland. Most international travellers will arrive in Iceland through Reykjavík-Keflavík International Airport (

By plane
Air Iceland Connect ( offers fligths to Akureyri from both Keflavík and Reykjavík Domestic Airport ( Connecting bus rides (approx. 50 mins) between the two Reykjavík airports is available from several providers, such as Reykjavík Excursions ( or Gray Line ( 

By bus from Reykjavík
Daily bus connections between Reykjavík and Akureyri are provided by Strætó (, line 57. The bus leaves from the Mjódd bus terminal in Reykjavík and arrives at Hof in Akureyri. The ride takes about 7 hours.