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About us

An independent centre

RHA - University of Akureyri Research Centre is an independent centre within the University of Akureyri.  The centre receives some funding directly from the university but most of its income comes from research projects and consultations for companies, organisations, ministries and from domestic and foreign research grants. The main aim is to enhance the University of Akureyri's research capabilities and to strengthen its ties to the local and national economy. It also has the role of developing new projects within the university. This brochure contains further information about services offered by RHA.

Professional breadth

Our researchers have diverse educational backgrounds and experience, including sociology, education, information technology, journalism, geography, political science and business management.  They come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including local government, teaching, journalism, banks, ministries and institutions. 

This enables the centre to engage in and support research projects that demand a highly cross-disciplinary approach within a diverse range of fields. Comparable institutions usually have a narrower focus.

University of Akureyri Research Centre

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