International cooperation is important to RHA’s work, as part of this we have been in cooperation with Nordregio.

Nordregio is a leading Nordic research institute with broad research fields within regional development, policy and planning, based in Stockholm. The institute is an official research entity of Eurostat, The Statistical Office of the European Union.

Electric aviation and the effects on the Nordic regions  

We are currently partnering in the project Electric aviation and the effects on the Nordic regions which analysis the effects of electric aviation on Nordic regional development. The study began in May 2022 and will end in December 2024.

The SUNREM - Sustainable remote Nordic labour markets

Nordregio is the primary grant applicant for Nordforsk‘s research project exploring how local labour markets in the Nordic Region face the opportunities  and  challenges  related  to  the  global megatrends in general, and the green transition in particular. These changes will have different impacts on the region, for instance impacting those who work in oil production in Norway and those working in renewable energy in Iceland. Jobs will dissappear and new ones will be created in part due to the automation in industries such as fish processing. Case studies will be conducted in remote local labour markets in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Åland. RHA is a participant in the grant application, the research in Iceland will focus on Húsavík and Dalvík as these areas will likely be heavily impacted.