Icelandic Tourism Research Centre

RHA has a long standing cooperation with the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre which is also located on the UNAK campus. RHA has frequently carried out, to a smaller or larger degree, research projects in cooperation with ITRC.

The Icelandic Tourism Research Centre (ITRC) is a cooperative project between the University of Iceland, the University of Akureyri, Hólar University, The Icelandic Tourist Board and The Icelandic Travel Industry Association, receiving funding and goodwill from all of these along with backing from government funds.
The aim of this co-operation is the improvement and promotion of tourism research in Iceland and strengthening the bonds of research and industry through domestic and international collaborative projects. The aims of the ITRC are to boost research and thus understanding of the impact tourism has on the Icelandic economy, society and environment. This the ITRC will do through co-operation with domestic and foreign universities, the business community and through the publication and dissemination of scholarly papers, information, consultation and arrangement of seminars, hosting conferences and giving lectures in tourism studies.