First report on the socio-economic impacts of construction projects in East-Iceland

RHA has delivered its first report on the results of the research on construction projects in East-Iceland.  The project has been conducted by RHA in collaboration with the East-Iceland Business and development centre and with the financial support of the ministry of Industry and trade and the Regional develompent institute.

The report which has now been presented is the first general report outlining the findings of a research project going on from 2004 to 2009 to investigate the economic and social change resulting from the large scale construction projects in East-Iceland.  Kjartan Olafsson, sociologist and researcher at RHA has edited the report as well as being the project co-ordinator and principal investigator.  Others contributing to this report have been Enok Johannsson, from the East-Iceland Business and development centre, Jon Thorvaldur Heidarsson, RHA, Ragnheidur Jona Ingimarsdottir, RHA and Valtyr Sigurbjarnarson, RHA.  The report  outlines the history of the construction project and provides an overview existing knowledge on previous similar projects in Iceland.  The report also outlines the baseline conditions in East-Iceland at the beginning of the construction projecst as well aspresenting the first findings of a series of studies conducted as a part of the research project aimed at monitoring the impact of the construction work.  Previously two reports have been issued from the project dealing with limited aspects of the research work.  The first one by Jon Thorvaldur Heidarsson (2004) on population projections and the second one by Kjartan Olafsson (2005) on the findings of a survey conducted in East-Iceland in 2004.

All reports are available only in Icelandic.