New “Kjalvegur” social and economic impact assessment

RHA has carried out an assessment of social and economic impact of new “Kjalvegur” (old traditional mountain road between south- and north parts of Iceland).  Both these researches are now open to public in two reports which can be seen here on the web but only in Icelandic.  The work was paid by Norðurvegur ehf which is a fellowship which intends to build this new road but it will cost over 4 billions ISK.


The purpose of the social impact report is to put light on likely social impacts following the new road.  In the economic impact report the Net present value and Inner rate of return of the project for the society is calculated using Cost-Benefit analysis.


The main author of these reports is Jón Þorvaldur Heiðarsson economist but co-authors are Hjalti Jóhannesson and Valtýr Sigurbjarnarson, both specialists at RHA and Njáll Trausti Friðbertsson freelance in tourism research.