Valmynd Leit

Main current Projects

Atvinnusókn kynjanna [Gendered commuting patterns]
Funded by UNAK research fund. In cooperation with lecturers Andrea Hjálmsdóttir and Kjartan Ólafsson.

Auđlindakjarni viđ Háskólann á Akureyri [Byproducts in the food industry]
Work in cooperation with MATÍS and companies in N-Iceland on improved utilization of byproducts in the food industry. Partly funded by KEA research fund, Growth agreement of Eyjafjörđur region and NE-Iceland structural fund.

Awareness, perception and attitudes on global climate change in young adult Icelanders
Funded by UNAK research fund.

Fjarheilbrigđisţjónusta [Distance health service]
Work for a working group of the Ministry of welfare.

Íslenska ofurfjölskyldan [The Icelandic "superfamily"]
Funded by gender equality fund in cooperation with lecturer Andrea Hjálmsdóttir.

Kannanir opinberu háskólanna [Surveys for the public universities]
Parts of surveys among previous and present students.

Pottar kvótakerfisins [Regional impacts of special components of the quota system]
Project for the Ministry of industries and innovation in cooperation with associate professor Vífill Karlsson.

Samfélagsleg áhrif ferđaţjónustu [Social impacts of tourism]
In cooperation with Tourism research centre and Holar university college.

Samfélagsleg áhrif Vađlaheiđarganga [Social impacts of Vađlaheiđi road tunnel]
Partly funded by KEA research fund, Greiđ leiđ ehf. and the Roads administration.

Value creation in rural areas characterized by industry: Local actors, positions and roles in Nordic peripheries
Funded by Nordic council of ministers Arctic cooperation programme. Cooperation with Norut Alta, Norway.

Diverse work on behalf of UNAK
RHA takes part in diverse smaller projects and work on behalf of UNAK, e.g. in the fields of regional development and Arctic issues. Furthermore, RHA services research funds and committees in the fields of research for UNAK and oversees issues such as research performance of academic staff and related.

Service to the academic staff of UNAK
RHA´s researchers assist UNAK´s academic staff on a regular basis in relation with planning of research projects and application of research grants as well as assisting in data gathering and processing. Furthermore, RHA assists in organizing and implementing conferences within UNAK, ususally in cooperation with the academic staff.

University of Akureyri Research Centre

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