Rannsóknaþing Norðursins - Okkar ísháða veröld

RHA tekur þátt í Vísindavöku Rannís

The 6th Open Assembly of the Northern Research Forum “Our Ice Dependent World”

Addressing the three „poles“, the Arctic, the Himalayans and Antarctica was held in Hveragerði, Iceland 3. - 6. September 2011.

The Open Assembly was organized by the Northern Research Forum (NRF) and its co-organizing partners from Norway, and hosted by the University of Akureyri in Iceland.

The main objective was to address the impact of dwindling ice – terrestrial, the Arctic, the Himalayans and Antarctica as well as ocean bound – globally and on the complex interface of nature and society in all climatic zones of the world. In light of the man-made part of climate change, particularly meaning global warming, natural ice as a common heritage of humankind is gradually becoming a concept of global politics. Indeed, “a world without ice” would not only look different, but affect societal life in quite dramatic ways on a global scale.