Valmynd Leit

Rules of Procedure

1. The Northern Research Forum (NRF) provides a platform for an effective dialogue among members of the research community and a wide range of stakeholders to (a) facilitate research relevant to issues on the contemporary Northern agenda and (b) engage researchers, the policy community and other stakeholders to discuss, assess and report on research results and application.
2.1 The principal activity of the NRF is the organization of biennial Open Meetings.
2.2 The biennial Open Meetings take place in Northern locations and rotate from country to country.
2.3 Local arrangements for each Open Meeting are handled by a Local Organizing Committee.
2.4 The NRF Steering Committee approves the overarching theme and any sub-themes for Open Meetings.
2.5. The NRF may create sub-fora or arrange other activities between sessions of the Open Meeting.
2.6 The working language of the NRF is English. Where interest is strong and funds are available, the NRF will use other languages.
3.1 The overall direction of the Forum are in the hands of the NRF Steering Committee.
3.2 Members of the NRF Steering Committee serve in their personal capacities.
3.3 The members of the committee choose one of their number to serve as chair of the Steering Committee.
3.4 Members of the NRF Steering Committee serve for four-year (renewable) terms.
3.5 The NRF Steering Committee is a self-perpetuating body that solicits new members as appropriate.
3.6 In selecting new members, the committee seeks to include individuals familiar with the concerns of a variety of Northern constituencies and stakeholders
3.7 The NRF Steering Committee operates by consensus among members present.
4.1 The Honorary Board consists of individuals who serve in their personal capacities.
4.2 The Honorary Board, established by NRF’s founder Dr. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, is a self-perpetuating body that solicits new members as appropriate.
4.3 The function of the Honorary Board is purely advisory.
4.4 The members of the Board bear no legal or political responsibility, either individually or collectively, for the activities of the NRF or for the actions of its Steering Committee.
5.1 The Secretariat is located currently in Akureyri, Iceland and is provided jointly by the University of Akureyri and the Stefansson Arctic Institute.
5.2 The day-to-day affairs of the Forum are in the hands of the NRF Secretariat.
5.3 The Secretariat is authorized to handle the financial affairs of the NRF, receiving funds from a variety of sources earmarked for NRF activities and expending funds for activities authorized by the NRF Steering Committee.
5.4 The auditing of the use of these funds is handled under the established procedures of the University of Akureyri.
5.5 The NRF Secretariat currently operates under the laws of Iceland and as an administrative body associated with a university.

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