North Meets North

Proceedings of the First Northern Research Forum

North Meets North

Akureyri and Bessastaðir, Iceland, November 4-6, 2000

 The proceedings of the first NRF were published in October 2001 with generous support from the Nordic Arctic Research Program (NARP). For obtaining hard copies of the book, please contact the NRF secretariat at


The Mission and Activities of the NRF


  • The Northern Research Forum as a Platform for Cross-Sectorial Dialogue: Lassi Heininen, Chairman, NRF Steering Committee; Docent, University of Lapland, Finland

Opening Session and Keynote Address:

  • Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, President of Iceland: Opening Address
  • Amalie Jessen: Use of Living Marine Resources in Grenland
  • Peter Johnson: Promoting Science Advice in Policy Making and the Relationship to Northern Issues
  • Sergei Khariuchi: North Meets North

Keynote Address:

  • Asgeir Brekke and Richard Langlais:

    The University of the Arctic: a Flexible Cooperation Structure for Research and Higher Education

First Theme: Relevance of History

  • Valgerdur H. Bjarnadottir: Re-searcing for Balance -Through Conversation
  • Aron Crowell: New Dynamics of Cultural Research and Representation in Alaska
  • Andrei Golovnev: Two Northern Stories Meet Two Northern Projects
  • Shelagh D. Grant: Circumpolar Regions: Frontier or Homeland Historical Relevance of the East-West Dynamic in Relation to South-North Priorities
  • Gisli Sigurdsson: The Relevance of History

Second Theme: Northern Economies in the Global Economy

  • Nyurguyana Alexandrova:The Global Economy: Northern Needs
  • Richard A. Caulfield: Building International Networks for Circumpolar Research: Local and Global Approaches
  • Lise Lyck: Arctic Economies and Globalisation
  • Mark Nuttall: Conceptualising Linkages Between the Northern Economy and the Global Economy
  • Steingrimur Sigfusson: Northern Economies in the Global Economy
  • Sergei F. Sutyrin: The North/Russian North Within the Context of Gglobalization
  • Mead Treadwell: Ownership of and Access to the Northern Commons

Third Theme: Regionalism and Governance

  • Veniamin Alekseyev: The Russian North at the Crossroads of Two Epochs
  • Peter Clarkson: Land Claim Agreements in Northern Canada - Research Barriers and Opportunities
  • Siv Fridleifsdottir: Northern Regional Co-operation and Globalization
  • Clifford G. Hickey: Opportunities for and Barriers to Research in the Context of Regionalism and Governance in Canada
  • Paavo Holopainen: Tourism in Finnish Lapland and NOrthern Scandinavia
  • Ellen Kristensen: Experiences of the Development in Greenland - Introducing the Young Democracy
  • Clifford Lincoln: The Standing Committeee of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region - Hopes and Projects

Fourth Theme: Implementation of a Northern Dimension

  • Sylvi Jane Husebye: Implementation of the European Uninon´s Northern Dimension - The Arctic Area
  • Tómas Ingi Olrich: Implementation of a Northern Dimension
  • Zaneta Ozolina: The Northern Dimension - New Opportunities for the Baltic States
  • Peter Stenlund: Implementation of a Northern Dimension

Fifth Theme: Science and Technology Application in the North

  • Aleta Fowler: Opportunities and Barriers to Housing Research in the North - Two Sides of the Same Coin
  • Jaana Kuula: Towards a Stronger Northe with New Technologies and New Forms of Virtuality
  • Richard Langlais: Consciously Confronting the Uncomfortable
  • David G. Malcolm: Northern Science and Technology: The Canadian Scene
  • Egor Petrov: Science and Technology Application in the North
  • Boris Segerståhl: Technological Change and Economic Development in the North - Observations
  • Vladimir N. Vasiliev: Northern Science: Status, Tendencies and Integration
  • Oran Young: Science and Policy in the Circumpolar North
  • Niels Einarsson, Oliver William Heal, Lassi Heininen, Alf Håkon Hoel, Mark Nuttall and Oran Young: Social Science and Sustainable Development in the Arctic

Square Hour: Voices of Young Researchers

  • Hiski Haukkala:  The Ambiguous Partnership: The European Union and Russia in the Northern Dimension (not included in the book itself)
  • Nadezhda Kharlampieva: Conceptual, Structural and Operational Problems of Northern Territories
  • Aynslie Ogden: The Role of the Northern Climate ExChange in Addressing Climate Change Issues in Canada's North: A Model for Regional Action on a Global Issue?
  • Oleg Reut: Asymmetry Of and In Dimensionalism
  • Tanja Tirronen: The European Union's Northern Dimension and the Sami People