Northern Veche

Proceedings of the Second Northern Research Forum

Northern Veche

Veliky Novgorod, Russia, September 19-22, 2002

The proceedings of the second open meeting were published in February 2004. The book includes the text in English and Russian. For obtaining hard copies of the book, please contact the NRF secretariat.


Preface  (Russian)
• Foreword (page 3)
• Contents
• The Mission and Activities of the NRF (page 9)
• Introduction: Lassi Heininen (page 15)
• Opening Addresses: Mikhail Prussak (page 27) Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson (page 29)

First Theme: Human Capital in the North  (Russian)
• Seppo Aho: Variations in Mobility Amongst Well-Educated People in the North - The Case of Finland (page 35)
• Robert C. Bailey: Shared, Parallel and Perpendicular Visions: North-South Partnerships in Research and Education in Canadian Environmental Science (page 41)
• Ingvild Broch: Higher Education and Research - Ways of International Cooperation (page 45)
• Anatoly A. Buganov: Telemonitoring in the Far North Health Care with the Use of Mobile Complexes (page 49)
• Esther M. Combs: Evolution of the Indigenous Community and the Concept of "Healthy" in its Development: Experience of Alaska Native People (page 53)
• Lee Huskey: Can High Tech be a Leading Sector for Arctic Economies? (page 57)
• Peter G. Johnson: Human Capital in the North - The Canadian Situation (page 62)
• Tanja Joona and Lassi Heininen: Calotte Academy 2002 (page 66)
• Kaarina Kailo: Gift and Give Back Economies - Cultural Sensitivity and Gender Awareness as Social Capital in the North (page 71)
• Sergei N. Khariuchi: Providing Legislation on Human Rights in the North -The Case of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Region (page 80)
• Nikolai R. Toivonen: Innovation - The Challenge of the Russian European North (page 84)

Second Theme: Innovation in Northern Governance  (Russian)
• Johnny Adams: Building on Opportunities (page 91)
• Jeroen Dubois: The Northern Dimension of the European Union as a Dynamic Model for Managing Near Abroad Policies (page 95)
• Hiski Haukkala: Whose Governance? Challenging the Dominant Northern Dimension Discourse (page 105)
• Nina Häyrynen: Changing Strategies of Environmental Co-operation between Finland and Russia (page 109)
• Christian J.B. Hicks: Stallo's Knife?: An Historical Analysis of the Saami/United Nations Relationship (page 116)
• E.C.H. Keskitalo: Constructing the Arctic as an International Region (page 122)
• Yury V. Neyolov: Innovations in Governing the Northern Territories:
Experience of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Region (page 128)
• Zaneta Ozolina: The New Triangle of the Northern Dimension - East-West-North: A Baltic Perspective (page 135)
• Fabrizio Tassinari: Putin's Russia in the Baltic Sea Region (page 139)

Third Theme: Applying the Lessons of History  (Russian)
• Joonas Ahola: North European Popular Heroes: Representing the Past? (page 151)
• Venjamin V. Alekseyev: From the Heart of Asia - to a Threshold of the European Arctic Region (page 154)
• Susan A. Crate: Cows, Kin, and Future Sustainability - An Evolving Research Agenda (page 157)
• Tuulikki Karjalainen: Arts and Culture as Development Agents in the Northern Periphery (page 161)
• Örnólfur Thórsson: Paper Vikings: Viking Voyages to the East in Written Accounts (page 167)

Fourth Theme: Economic Development in the Changing North  (Russian)
• Gérard Duhaime: Circumpolar Socio-Economic Comparisons - A Tool for Better Governance (page 175)
• Lee Huskey: Local Economic Development in the North: Three Hypotheses (page 179)
• Kirill Istomin: Oil and Reindeer - Traditional Methods of Pasture Selection among Komi Herders, and the Relevance to Conflicts over Land Use (page 184)
• Joan Nymand Larsen: External Dependency in Greenland: Implications for Growth and Instability (page 188)
• Tatyana Muravska and Tiiu Paas: Human Capital Development and Labour Market Adjustment with Reference to the Baltic States (page 195)

Summary Reports: Plenary Sessions, Day of Projects Sessions, and Participants´ Evaluation Results  (Russian)

Appendix  (Russian)
• Program of the 2nd NRF Open Meeting (page 225)
• Position Paper Authors (page 231)
• List of 2nd NRF Open Meeting Participants (page 232)
• The 3rd NRF Open Meeting - a Call for Participation (page 246)