The proceedings of the open meetings will be published on this website as soon as possible after each meeting, (click on appropriate button above) and in printed version if possible.

For obtaining hard copies, please contact the NRF secretariat.

Reykjavík 2017 – Arctic Circle Assembly October 13-15  A world without ice – Geopolitical imagination or a vision for the future? NRF Young Researchers

Reykjavik, 14-15 October 2015 - An international academic seminar: ENGAGING CULTURAL HERITAGE WHEN BUILDING RESILIENCE

Reykjavík 2014-2015 - Arctic Science in Globalization: What is the most important question in Arctic research?

Akureyri 2013 - Climate Change in Northern Territories

Hveragerði 2011 - Our Ice Dependent World

Anchorage 2008 - Seeking Balance in a Changing North

Oulu/Lulea 2006 - The Borderless North
The proceedings of the fourth NRF were published on the web in November 2007. A printed version was published in the summer of 2008 and will be distributed at the fifth NRF.

Yellowknife 2004 - The Resilient North

Novgorod 2002 - Northern Veche
The printed proceedings of the second NRF (Northern Veche) were published in February 2004, both in English and Russian.

Akureyri 2000 - North Meets North
The printed proceedings of the first NRF (North Meets North) were published in October 2001 with generous support from the Nordic Arctic Research Program (NARP).