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NRF Fellows Program

The NRF coordinates a fellows program that supports Arctic research and other Arctic related activities that are carried out at the University of Akureyri. The Fellows are committed to the NRF and give visibility to the NRF and its activities, at the University of Akureyri and in the international science community.

The NRF Fellows Program consists of three categories: 1) Academic Fellows are senior researchers, post-doctoral researchers, and PhD candidates, 2) Senior Fellows are experienced and respected state and local government practitioners, as well as distinguished international civil society, business, and indigenous leaders, 3) Junior Fellows are undergraduate and graduate students of UNAK, or those on internships visiting the university.

1)  Supportive Community
  • The Fellowship is an academic network that brings together researchers with a shared interest in Arctic issues, research and studies.
  • The Fellows contribute to and benefit from being in a supportive, interdisciplinary community, where best practices are shared and a platform is created for collaboration.
  • The NRF facilitates communication between the Fellows and provides a forum for discussion and debate.

… in this way, the NRF will ensure that its Fellows benefit from their collective strength when pursuing and promoting their research.

2)  Duties & Obligations
  • The Fellows initiate and contribute to an academic discussion about Arctic issues.
  • The Fellows give visibility to the NRF and its project, both within the University of Akureyri and the international science community.
  • The Fellows support the NRF's efforts to attract competitive funds.
  • By participating in the projects of the NRF, the Fellows strengthen the research mandate of UNAK and its Schools and faculties.

… in this way, the Fellows will advance excellence in research and further establish UNAK as an international research university.

3)  Benefits
  • The Fellows have access to an international network of colleagues with expertise in Arctic research.
  • The Fellows have access to service and administrative support.
  • The Fellows have access to research facilities.
  • The Fellows have access to communication and outreach.
  • The Fellows have access to funding, in the form of travel grants

… in this way, the Fellowship will expand opportunities for academic advancement.


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