Planned NRF breakout sessions and reporting plenary at Arctic Circle 2016

The Northern Research Forum will in co-operation with the GlobalArctic project and other partners organize three breakout sessions and one reporting plenary at the 3rd Arctic Circle, taking place in Harpa cultural building in Reykjavík October 7-9th 2016.  There will be a reporting plenary as a conclusion of the break-out sessions giving a summary of the highlights and innovative findings and suggestions of the discussions. Three experts, who will be nominated in the sessions, will make a short comment from the following relevant perspectives: global demand for resources and costs of their commercial exploitation; political conditions allowing for this to happen; need to re-conceptualize security nexus / scalar politics of Arctic security, and the new nexus of art, culture and climate change. Information about the name of the speakers, titles, location of the session and time is here.